iBrewMaster 2

The Premier Brewing Application!

The new and dramitally improved "iBrewMaster 2" is packed with new features, tools, and calculators and is now available for iOS!  We will continue to support iBrewMaster Original Edition for a short time during the transition to iBrewMaster 2.  We've had 3 dozen updates to iBrewMaster since it's original release almost 4 years ago....without ever charging for an update.  
iBrewMaster 2 is now a Universal App, capable of running on both the iPhone and the iPad, has a new and improved Mash Profile section, support for Water Profiles, a dozen stand-alone on-the-fly calculators, cost tracking support, and a whole lot more!  We appreciate all of your support over the past 4 years, and although iBrewMaster 2 is a paid update, we will continue to improve it for the next several years without any upgrade fees.  We have so much planned that we finally had to draw the line on adding new features to iBM 2 or we'd never get it out!  
Please continue to send us your ideas and suggestions, as most of the new features and functionality is a result of your participation!

Version 1.2.3 has been submitted to Apple for review!


Version 1.2.3 features: 

- Added Default Attenuation setting in Setup -> Defaults.
- Corrected buttons on registration page when in Landscape orientation.
- Corrected Dismissing Messages upon launch.
- Adjusted Videos screens.
- Correct Inventory UI.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.2 has been released!


Version 1.2.2 features: 

- Corrects crashes after exiting the application, relaunching, and then saving edits.

- Range thermometer celcius units corrected.

- Correction to bottling calculator.

- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.1 has been released!


Version 1.2.1 features: 

- Correction to bottling calculator.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.0 has been released!


Version 1.2.0 features: 

- Now supports iCloud synching!
- Corrected issues with setting custom colors.
- Corrected format inconsistencies with setup views.
- Corrected Water Profile Calculations.
- Unit Of Measure calculator now displays Brix calculation and is present on iPads.
- Carbonation Calculator now displays carbonation values for selected recipe style on iPhone.
- Corrected Attenuation Calculator calories calculation based on 12 oz, Pint, or Quart selection.
- Fixed Bottling calculator updating on iPhone.
- Minor formatting adjustments to the Evaporation Calculator.
- Added bars to Carbonation Calculator.
- Added Brix to Pitching Rate Calculator.
- Calculator switches default to user Metric / U.S. unit default settings.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1.4 has been released!


Version 1.1.4 features: 

- Added Hop Forms to iPad version.
- Added Grain Base Malt to iPhone version.
- Corrected duplicate "New" records on iPhone.
- Corrected water profile issues.
- Corrected Inventory crash when creating shopping cart for non-stock items.
    - Renamed Williamette to Willamette in Hops, RecipeHops and BatchHops.
    - Renamed Strisslespalt to Strisselspalt in Hops, RecipeHops and BatchHops.
- Corrected setNavigationBarColors: to execute upon viewWillAppear as they would turn black on whatever screen the app was launched on.
- Now populate the To: field in crash reports.
- Restored the Actual Serve Date back to the Batches screen on the iPhone.
- Corrected saving Water Profile values without having to exit field.
- Fixed Twitter connection.
- Recipe XML export now contains attachment.
- Corrected Batch Efficiency print out.
- Corrected Pre Boil Evaporation Calculator.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1.3 has been released!


Version 1.1.3 features: 

- Support for Range Thermometer!
- Restored Export button on export options.
- Adjusted Beer Color Calculator.
- Adjusted Plato / SG Unit Calculator.
- Adjusted Imp. Gal to U.S. Gal Calculator.
- Minor bug fixes.



Version 1.1.2 has been released!


Version 1.1.2 features: 

- Added buttons for changing colors in Landscape mode on iPad.
- Fixes to adding/editing custom items.
- Corrected registration.
- Corrected Dropbox restore on iPhone.
- Updated schedule for custom fermentation steps.
- Updates to Mash Step Interface.
- Corrected Editing Eq Profile on iPhone.
- Search behavior corrected.
- Temperature field restored to correct position on Carbonation View.
- Restored decimals to Water Profile fields.
- Restored filter button when creating a batch from the recipe list.
- Corrected duplicate Calendar event entries.
- Timer alerts updated.
- Fermentation dates updated when reordering them.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1.1 has been released!


Version 1.1.1 features: 

- Can customize colors!
- Fixed fermentation editing view.
- Corrected adding additions to recipes / batches.
- Can delete from schedule on iPhone.
- Can save actual fermentation dates in Batches & Schedule.
- Expanded labels on units in the Bottling Calculator.
- Fixed occasional crash when deleting hops.
- Fixed Carbonation search.
- Fixed Equipment Profile search.
- Addressed iOS7 change that was preventing Dropbox Backup / Restores.
- Corrected notes field in Mash Profiles.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.10 has been released!


Version 1.0.10 features: 

- New Recipe Sharing Network for iBrewMaster 2!
- Corrected BJCP Styles to show color in chosen format setting.  SRM vs. EBC
- Eliminated misleading disclosure indicators in Setup on iPhone.

Version 1.0.9 has been released!


Version 1.0.9 features: 

- Can pause and resume Standard Mash Timer.
- Corrected metric inventory issues.
- New 'Restock' button for inventory management.
- Fixes to several export options.
- Corrections to Brix.
- Fixed issues during search and switching folders in Recipes and Batches.
- Additional Water Chemistry fixes.
- Corrected occasional recipe export crash.
- Corrected water profile selections.


Version 1.0.8 has been released!


Version 1.0.8 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.
- Retain edit mode on iPhone when adding new ingredients to recipes and batches.
- Retain sort order on iPad when returning to recipes and batches.
- Revisions to Facebook postings.
- Reset notification badge upon relaunch.
- Retain selected Recipe / Batch when returning from Mash / Eq Profile edit.
- Notifications are cancelled for deleted batches.

Version 1.0.7 has been released!


Version 1.0.7 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.
- Fixed occasional crash when changing batch fermendation days.
- Assigns default folder locations when restoring a database from a version prior to 1.0.6.
- Add BIAB Mash profile.
- Clear application Notification badge icon.
- Corrected U.S. / Metric conversions in Eq. Profiles.


Version 1.0.6 has been released!


Version 1.0.6 features: 

- Now supports customizable folders!
- Water Profile corrections.
- Corrected display of IBU's for dry hops.
- Fixed carbonation steps on print outs.
- Allow deleting of Mash Profile from Recipes & Batches.
- Corrections to Mash Infusion Calculator.
- Recall Local Notifications.
- Corrected duplicate shopping cart entries.
- Corrected crash when adding a batch and exiting without selecting a recipe.
- Fixed Twitter & Facebook posting feature on iOS 5.x.
- Facebook requires Location Services enabled for iOS 5.x.


Version 1.0.5 has been released!


Version 1.0.5 features: 

- Fixed crash on startup for some users.
- Allow for multiple Carbonation Steps.
- Fixed Bottling Calculator.
- Fixed swipe on delete of mash steps.
- Several Inventory fixes.
- Removed Dry Hops from timers.
- Fixed metric conversions for Equipment Profiles.
- Corrected Metric conversions on Mash Steps.
- Corrected Batch Log entries.
- Fixed a bug with XML import.

Version 1.0.4 has been released!


Version 1.0.4 features: 

- Corrected iCal.


Version 1.0.3 has been released!


Version 1.0.3 features:

- Corrected crash when adding Grains and Hops in metric units.
- Corrected delete functionality when sliding finger.
- Reworked batch log visibility for iPhone users.
- Fixed Recipe Style selection, searching, and viewing.
- Corrected e-mailing of Recipes, Batches, Schedule.
- Fixed UOM's when emailing a Recipe or Batch.
- Corrected occasionally emailing incorrect Recipe or Batch.
- Fixed Adding / Deleting Recipe Types.
- Corrected Additions shopping cart issues.
- Fixed iCal integration.
- Fixed Notes popover in Landscape mode on iPad.
- Corrected Serve Date spanning two dates in iCalendar.
- Corrected Recipe / Batch printout / email of Additions.
- Fixes to Water Calculator.
- Refractometer Calculator display correction.
- Corrected Batch Log entries on iPad 1.
- Fixed several calculator screens.



Version 1.0.2 has been released!


Version 1.0.2 features: 

- Recipes and Batches retain last sort order.
- Added decimal to carbonation fields.
- Evaporation calculator volume labels corrected.
- Now displays actual recipe / batch Style parameters when comparing to Styles.
- Corrected Mash Tun Temp conversion in metric.
- Can now e-mail help file.
- Fixed crash when adding new fermentation steps to batches.
- Carbonation Calculator now updates with field edit.
- Fixed fermentation schedule when changing brew date.
- Eliminated duplicates in the Schedule when multiple batches have the same action dates.
- Fixed audible alarm.
- Timers display metric units.
- Corrected spelling of Willamette and Strisselspalt hops.
- Calculators now retain last values entered.
- Corrected issues with Mash Profiles / Mash Steps.
- Fixed printing inventory.
- Correct Batch List on iPhone.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.1 has been released!


Version 1.0.1 features: 

- Corrected mash timer to restart at last time.
- Added Batch Log to iPhone version.
- Fixed adding Hops in metric.
- Several metric fixes.
- Contact support on iPad is working.
- Fixed FB looping on iPad when not signing in to a FB account.
- Corrected search function when creating a batch from a recipe.
- Now display's color coded style information in Batches as well as Recipes.
- Dates are sorted correctly by year in the Schedule.
- Fixed potential crash when adding new batches.
- Can now save pictures.
- Carbonation is now correct.
- IBU's updated during recipe / batch editing.
- Can now clear fermentation dates.
- Corrected scrolling of recipe / batch detail pane in landscape mode on iPad.
- Notes field doesn't get covered by keyboard.
- Batch Log entries don't get covered by keyboard.
- Corrected .pdf attachments not being e-mailed.
- Other minor bug fixes.
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.0 has been released!


Version 1.0.0 features: 

iBM2 has been entirely rewritten from the ground up with many new features!  
- iBM2 is now a Universal App!  (Works on both iPhone and iPad.)
- All recipe packs are now included.
- NB recipes have been updated.
- There are over 600 recipes included!
- Supports unlimited batch timers running simultaneously!
- A dozen independent Calculators have been added.
  - Units of Measure
  - Beer Color
  - Bitterness
  - Carbonation
  - Attenuation
  - SG Correction
  - Refractometer
  - Evaporation
  - Pitching Rates
  - Bottling Calculator
  - Mash Infusion Calculator
  - Water Chemistry
  - Water Profiles have been added.
- Mash and Equipment Profiles have been reworked.
- Support for multiple yeasts.
- Yeast pitching rates.
- iCalendar support is implemented.
- Links to NB recipe .pdf's have been added.
- Ingredients have been updated as there are now:
  - 500 Grains & Adjuncts
  - 138 Hops
  - 191 Yeasts
  - 126 Additions
  - 33 Water Profiles
  - 16 Mash Profiles
- Can now create Recipes from Batches!
- Recipes and Batches can now be scaled by Efficiency.
- Recipes and Batches can be e-mailed as .pdf files.
- And more!

Migrating from iBrewMaster 1?


To convert your original iBrewMaster database, perform the following steps:


1) From iBrewMaster 1, go to Setup -> Dropbox and establish a link to your Dropbox account.  Take a backup of your iBrewMaster 1 database.  This will put your original datafile in your Dropbox -> Apps -> iBrewMaster folder.  If you are migrating from an iPhone, this file will be named brewmaster.db.  If you are migrating from an iPad, this file will be named ipadibrewmaster.db. 


2) From iBrewMaster 2, go to Setup -> Dropbox Backup/Restore, and establish a link to your Dropbox account.  If you don't already have one, use the, "Click here for extra space courtesy of Dropbox!" to establish a new account.  Then take an initial backup of your iBrewMaster 2 database.  This will establish a folder in your Dropbox account under Apps -> iBrewMaster2.


3) From a home computer, connect to your Dropbox account and copy your iBrewMaster 1 database to the Apps -> iBrewMaster2 folder.  


4) From iBrewMaster 2, go to Setup -> Import iBrewMaster 1 Database and you should see your original iBrewMaster database in the list.  Tap on it to load it.


Please note:  Some users may have an issue with connecting to Dropbox from iBrewMaster 1 depending on other Dropbox apps loaded on your device.  If this happens you can download the utility http://www.i-funbox.com.  Just connect your device, run the fun box app, select iBrewMaster, then navigate to the Documents -> BrewMaster folder and download the file name from step 1 and put it in your Dropbox account under Apps -> iBrewMaster2.