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Please note that iBrewMaster 1 for the iPad is currently end-of-life.  Current users, please consider upgrading at a discount by purchasing one of the iBrewMaster Bundles on iTunes!  iBrewMaster 1 will not be offered at a discount for much longer as it will be removed from the app store!
Experience the ultimate in home brewing & download iBrewMaster on your iPad today!  Functionally, there is no difference between the APP for the iPhone/iTouch or iPad, however, the iPad version is visually stunning and EASY to use ... No wonder this is the APP of choice for our home brewers as well as the many professional BREWERIES who are using it to manage their entire brewing process!


Version 1.537 has been released!


Version 1.537 features: 

- Fixed searches in iOS7.
- Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.536 has been released!


Version 1.536 features: 


- Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.535 has been released!


Version 1.535 features: 

- Can pause and resume Standard Mash Timer.
- Updated twitter for api 1.1.


Version 1.532 has been released!


Version 1.532 features: 

- Metric Mash Step fixes.
- Added bars in addition to PSI for force carbonation.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.46 has been released!


Version 1.46 features: 

- New Inventory Module!
  - Yes, it's basic for now, but will be expanded later!
- Support & Feedback integrated in the App!
- Persistent reordering of tab fields.
  - Now the app will recall your tab order customizations!
- Minor Bug Fixes:
  - Corrected empty Yeasts when editing them in recipes.
  - Corrected empty Mash Step Ratios when editing them in recipes.
  - Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.45 has been released!


Version 1.45 features: 

- Northern Brewer recipes available for instant download for free!
- Now supports First Wort Hops!
- New Carbonation steps.
- Support for late fermentable additions!
- Expanded color to 999.99
- Increased Hourly Boil-off option to 1.99 gal/hr or 7.53 L/hr.
- Add a D, R or T next to the IBU method to indicate which method is being used to determine the IBU's.
- Make Batches show "Serve" in the batches screen after a serve date has been added.
- Minor bug fixes:
   - Allow 's in ingredient names.
   - Sorted Grain Origins / Hop Origins when adding a new grains and hops.
   - Altered sorting by YeastLab to include the id number.
   - Display recipe type when selecting a recipe for a new batch.
- And more!


Version 1.44 has been released!


Version 1.44 features: 


- Auto-calculated Mash Steps!
- Now allows edit of ingredients during edit mode.
- Added EBC color option in addition to SRM.
- Now displays the recipe upload date on the recipe sharing network.
- Now supports recipe and batch exports and imports using special characters such as &, <, >, ", '.
- Add index to iPad recipe selection screen.
- Expanded BJCP styles.
- Minor bug fixes.
   - Corrected sorting batches by year first.
   - Corrected manual overriding of IBU's.
   - Corrected IBU calculations to account for pre-boil gravity.


Version 1.43 has been released!


Version 1.43 features: 

- Now supports Daniels, Rager, & Tinseth IBU calculations.
- AirPrint support!
- Reworked hops and removed slider.
- Now supports social networking including:
  - Facebook
  - Twitter
- Add a photo of your beer to each batch!
- Added more detail to ingredient rows on recipes & batches.
- Added pre-boil gravity.
- Added a boil time field.
- Minor bug fixes.
  - Eliminated Blue Detail Disclosure button when viewing shared recipes.
  - Disabled Detail Disclosure and other buttons when there is no recipe or batch.
  - Eliminated extra fields in hop edit screen.
  - Corrected problem with reordering multiple ingredients at a time.