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Please note that iBrewMaster 1 for the iPhone is currently end-of-life.  Current users, please consider upgrading at a discount by purchasing one of the iBrewMaster Bundles on iTunes!  iBrewMaster 1 will not be offered at a discount for much longer as it will be removed from the app store!
Have on-the-go access to all of your brewing needs & wants with iBrewMaster for your iPhone/iTouch!  Never miss a step!  Manage your batches, share your recipes, or search for supplies all from the convenience of your iPhone/iTouch!  
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Version 2.837 has been submitted to Apple for review!

Version 2.837 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.836 has been submitted to Apple for review!

Version 2.836 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.835 has been submitted to Apple for review!

Version 2.835 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.834 has been submitted to Apple for review!


Version 2.834 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.833 has been submitted to Apple for review!


Version 2.833 features: 

- Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.832 has been submitted to Apple for review!

Version 2.832 features: 

- Metric Mash Step fixes.
- Added bars in addition to PSI for force carbonation.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.76 has been released!


Version 2.76 features: 

- New Inventory Module!
  - Yes, it's basic for now, but will be expanded later!
- Support & Feedback integrated in the App!
- Persistent reordering of tab fields.
  - Now the app will recall your tab order customizations!
- Minor Bug Fixes:
  - Corrected empty Yeasts when editing them in recipes.
  - Corrected empty Mash Step Ratios when editing them in recipes.

  - Other minor bug fixes.


Version 2.75 has been released!


Version 2.75 features:

- Now supports First Wort Hops!
- New Carbonation steps.
- Support for late fermentable additions!
- Expanded color to 999.99
- Increased Hourly Boil-off option to 1.99 gal/hr or 7.53 L/hr.
- Add a D, R or T next to the IBU method to indicate which method is being used to
   determine the IBU's.
- Make Batches show "Serve" in the batches screen after a serve date has been  
- Minor bug fixes:
   - Allow 's in ingredient names.
   - Sorted Grain Origins / Hop Origins when adding a new grains and hops.
   - Altered sorting by YeastLab to include the id number.
   - Display recipe type when selecting a recipe for a new batch.
- And more!


Version 2.74 has been released!


Version 2.74 features:

- Auto-calculated Mash Steps!

- Now allows edit of ingredients during edit mode.

- Added EBC color option in addition to SRM.

- Now displays the recipe upload date on the recipe sharing network.

- Now supports recipe and batch exports and imports using special characters such
   as &, <, >, ", '.
- Expanded BJCP styles.
- Minor bug fixes.
   - Corrected sorting batches by year first.
   - Corrected manual overriding of IBU's.
   - Corrected IBU calculations to account for pre-boil gravity.


Version 2.73 has been released!


Version 2.73 features: 

- Now supports Daniels, Rager, and Tinseth IBU calculations.
- AirPrint support!
- Reworked hops and removed slider.
- Now supports social networking including:
  - Facebook
  - Twitter
- Add a photo of your beer to each batch!
- Added more detail to ingredient rows on recipes and batches.
- Added pre-boil gravity.
- Added a boil time field.
- Minor bug fixes.
  - Fixed saving batches with apostrophe's in the notes field.


Version 2.72 has been released!


Version 2.72 features: 

- Enhanced Recipe and Batch scaling!
- Can now enter the desired batch or boil size!
- Minor bug fixes.
  - Corrected export issues.
  - Fixed null alerts when using the timer.
  - Corrected '(null)' Timer notifications.
  - Made register text un-editable. 
  - Centered supplier address information.
  - Suppressed display of feature sellers under promos as they're already listed.
  - Fixed sorting in suppliers from flipping back and forth between ascending and